• Move up higher in online search results and increase your website traffic. 
  • Attract quality clients to your website that are specifically looking for your services.
  • Discover exactly what Google is looking for when ranking your website.
  • Find out exactly where you can quickly and easily make changes to your site.
  • Take control of what search terms you want to display for. 
  • And do it all in less time than you're probably spending on website maintenance already...

"I have been using Practice Academy's Ultimate SEO Checklist to get more traffic to my website. I find all of Practice Academy's stuff easy to understand (non techie language) and really simple to implement!" 

- Elizabeth Cush, MA, LGPC

Join other successful therapists and wellness providers who have discovered the power of the Ultimate SEO Checklist.

Many practitioners are not utilizing the potential of their websites. Not only are they missing out on clients, they are actually damaging their brands.

When you understand how to optimize your website the right way for your practice, you can quickly and easily move up in online search results, drive exponentially more traffic, and attract more clients online.

If you’re like a lot of practitioners I know, you want to know the details of how to rank higher for popular search terms. To save you from scouring the web and spending days reading blogs and searching for relevant articles, I have collected everything you need to know in one simple and easy to implement checklist.  



  • The internet is the first place people go when seeking mental health and wellness services.
  • Organic (free) listings on Google recieve 90% of clicks, while paid ads only recieve 10%.
  • Less than 10% of people advance to page 2 of Google's search results.
  • The number one organic result drives 37% of clicks.
  • The top three organic results capture 61% of clicks.


You’ve heard that your website can be hugely successful for attracting more clients to your practice, but you haven’t been able to figure out how to make it work for your business.

You need more traffic and referrals — and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on SEO consultants. 

You want a fellow practitioner to break it down for you, simply and easily, to help you get more clients online. 

You haven’t got time to waste searching the web, reading through tons of blogs and articles, wasting your time and money on products created by people outside the health and wellness field. You need a clear understanding of how to optimize your website in a way that will get results.


I have developed a simple (and easy to implement) checklist to help you stop wasting time with online marketing and optimization methods that don’t work and give you the power to take control of ranking high in search results. I can show you where you should spend your time to make your website rank on page one of search results and attract a full caseload of clients. 

Stop wasting your time feeling lost about how to rank high and attract quality traffic so that you can focus on treating your clients.

"In the last few months I have been opening my private practice. The Practice Academy has been the single most helpful resource of its kind I have encountered. I have benefitted immensely from the Ultimate SEO Checklist.Thank you!"

- David Hanna, MA


The checklist is self-explanatory and doesn't need any special instructions. The first thing that you’ll notice is that each item on the list is put into one of three categories: 

  • High priority
  • Medium priority
  • Low priority

I recommend working your way through the list of high priority items first. The high priority items on the list will give you the most immediate bang for your buck. 

Then go back and check off medium priority tasks. Low priority items don’t take any more skill to complete than high priority items. However, low priority items may take more time investment so save them for last.

Depending on market competition, some websites will rank on the first page of Google search results even if they only address high priority items.


I run a local mental health directory in Portland, Oregon. It was my mission to not only be on the first page of Google, but to be listed as the number one website for the most popular search terms.

The most difficult part of ranking as the number one mental health directory was beating out the most established directory of them all, Psychology Today. Psychology Today’s directory has ranked number one for over 15 years. There are thousands of therapists listed on that site, along with thousands of quality articles and blog entries. Not to mention the thousands of links pointing to them on the internet and brand recognition through their monthly magazine. 

I compiled a list, much like the Ultimate SEO Checklist, of all the things I needed to do in order to outrank Psychology Today. I started plugging away and checking off items on that list whenever I had spare time. When you’re going up against the biggest fish in the sea, you need to do everything you can to make sure your site is as optimized as it can be. 

In less than six months I ranked in the number one position for popular search terms including:

  • "Portland Therapy"
  • "Portland Therapist"
  • "Therapy in Portland"
  • "Therapist Portland"
  • "Couples Counseling Portland"
  • "Family Therapy Portland"
  • "Group Therapy Portland"

Now, my website at www.portlandtherapycenter.com brings in over 10,000 visitors per month and I couldn’t have done that without thoughtfully applying SEO tactics.

As a practicing therapist myself, I also wanted my private practice website to rank on the first page. I specialize in treating clients that are struggling with codependency issues. Once again, I pulled out my SEO checklist and started optimizing my website. Now, when potential clients performs a search for “codependency therapists in portland,” my website, www.jeffguenther.com, comes up as one of the top websites on the first page of Google search results. I get over 5,000 visits per year just from that one search query. I typically receive between 5 and 10 new client requests each week, all because I used SEO techniques on my website.  


Is there anything inside this checklist that I don’t already know, or that I couldn’t find online for free?

Honestly, you could find any information on the internet for free. But it doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy or that you’ll know it’s from a trusted source. There is a lot of false information and schemes that you have to wade through online. This checklist has been developed by an expert and professional in the healthcare industry and used by thousands of practitioners. 

Is this worth the money?

Yes! First of all, how much is your time worth? This checklist can save you weeks, if not months of time researching these answers and learning how to apply SEO to your website. Even if you only got one client from making these changes to your website, you'll easily recoup the cost of the checklist, plus so much more.  

How long will this take?

You can read through the checklist in minutes. I recommend spending a little more time using the checklist to tally up your current score and the score of your competitors. Then you can start making changes instantly. On average, Google will see the changes you make and then adjust your ranking within two to three weeks.

Do I need to check off all 117 items to rank well?

No! And that’s the beauty of this checklist. Depending on how competitive your industry is, you may only need to check off half of the items. For example, for a top position in Houston you’ll need a score of 67. For a top position in Minneapolis you’ll need a score of 46. For a top position in Denver you’ll need a score of 78.

I am a total beginner when it comes to websites, will I know how to make all these changes?

This checklist was built for any skill level. You can make all these changes yourself and they can be made completely free of cost. If you don’t know a term or understand how to make an edit, all you need to do is perform a Google search or look it up on www.thepracticeacademy.com. 

This is the perfect time to purchase the best SEO checklist made specifically for health and wellness providers. Increase your online traffic and attract more clients to your practice today.


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